Children's Ministry

Welcome to CountryKids!

We honestly believe that Country Kids is the perfect place for children to learn about Jesus. This age-specific, high energy and colorful environment is secure and filled with loving staff, as we help kids to belong in real relationship with Jesus Christ and others, grow deeper in their faith, and reach people where they live, work, and play.

About Us

It's hard sometimes to know when you're winning in this ministry, or whether you really are making a difference in children's lives. Are CountryKids really growing in their faith? Am I really making that big of a difference? What is the end result, or our "big win" for children's ministry at Country Christian Church?

For us, our "big win" is...


We say the phrase "Takes a step" for a reason. There is no finish line or certificate of completion when it comes to spiritual growth. Instead, spiritual growth is a life-long journey and no two journeys are identical. That's why our "big win" doesn't mention a specific skill or achievement. Instead, we choose to focus our wins on when a child takes a step closer to owning their own faith.

What exactly does it look like for a child to own their own faith? We, here at CountryKids, believe four things lead to and are a result of spiritual growth. We call these our four spiritual habits. When we teach the children, we attempt to instill these four spiritual habits as part of their lives, help them begin a real relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in Christ-likeness, and reach people where they live, work, and play.