Children's Spiritual Habits

Spiritual habits

We, here at CountryKids, believe four things lead to and are a result of spiritual growth. We call these our four spiritual habits. When we teach the children, we attempt to instill these four spiritual habits as part of their lives, help them begin a real relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in Christ-likeness, and reach people where they live, work, and play.

  1. Spend Time With God: Probably our easiest spiritual habit to remember, "spending time with God" focuses on teaching the children to open the Bible on their own, have conversations with God on their own, and discover different ways to worship God on their own. If our "big win" is when the children take steps towards owning their faith, they have to learn to spend time with God on their own.
  2. Spend Time With Others: Engaging in a healthy spiritual community is one of the pillars of the Christian faith. However, when we talk about "spending time with others" we don't just mean spending time with others in our church community on Sunday morning or Wednesday night. "Spending time with others" means we teach children to grow Christ-like relationships with everyone.
  3. Use Their Gifts: Children need to know that God made them unique, special, and with their own gifts, talents, passions, and resources. When we teach the children to "use their gifts", we teach them to use those special and unique things about them to love God, love others, and influence the world around them. When the children discover who God made them to be, gifts and all, they take a step towards owning their faith and growing a relationship with God.
  4. Share Their Story: It can be hard, in this day and age, to talk about our faith. When we teach the children to "share their story," we encourage them to own their unique story and relationship with God. "Sharing their story" is about helping children to believe, understand, and take ownership of their faith, and their own spiritual journey.