Food Pantry

Contact: Linda Atkins // 810.688.4049

Blessings in the Country Food Pantry exists to help families having difficulty putting food on the table. Drop off donations of unexpired, non-perishable food items in the marked container at the church office. Three food items we can never have enough of: soup, peanut butter & jelly, as well as breakfast cereal.

Information Needed To Help Serve You

Blessings in the Country Food Pantry is pleased to provide you with food once every 30 days.

In order to serve you, we REQUIRE you to verify information every 6 months for all members of your household.

Below is the accepted information we WILL REQUIRE for us to be able to serve you.

Proof of income for entire household: DHS papers, WIC papers, unemployment or social security statement, current bank statement, current pay stub or Income Tax form showing gross income.

Any household member 18 or older will need to provide:

A copy of valid Michigan drivers license or State ID AND

One current piece of first class mail with members name and current address or Voters Registration Card

Children under the age of 18 will need one form of verification with NAME AND CURRENT address. This can be first class mail addressed to them, school ID with name and address on it, health card, medical card, or court documents. ALL OF THE ABOVE PIECES OF DOCUMENTATION MUST SHOW THE NAME OF THE CHILD AND THE CURRENT ADDRESS.

Infants under the age of one year do not need to be verified.