membership solidarity commitment

Solidarity of Commitment

To be read before the body

We are grateful that you are taking this step of commitment to this local body by becoming a member of Country Christian Church. We want you to remember and desire you to affirm the responsibilities that church membership brings. With the aid of the Holy Spirit:

Will you be diligent to exercise self-control so that your lifestyle exhibits both true Christian love and personal holiness?

  • Will you faithfully assemble with this body of believers, striving to maintain unity, and doing all you can to stimulate love and good deeds in others as you seek to exercise your spiritual gifts in faithful service?
  • Will you consistently contribute, as a good steward of God’s blessings, such time, talent, and resources, in the measure God prospers you, so that our local and worldwide ministry of the gospel may continue?
  • Will you teach biblical truth to your family and acquaintances, as God gives you opportunity, with a desire to see them come to faith in Jesus Christ and be saved?
  • Will you always be willing to both give and receive admonition and instruction with meekness and love?
  • Will you commit to praying for the ministry here at Country, your brothers an sisters in Christ, our eldership, ministry leaders, and the lost who need a Savior?