Safety Team

Team Leader: Harold R. Tarzwell // 810.513.5419

The CCC Safety Team is responsible for responding to safety or security situations which may occur at Country Christian Church. We provide security & assistance for the entire CCC campus during sunday Church services. Moreover, Safety Team members receive traning on how to respond to church disturbances and violent acts, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and building emergencies.

Time Commitment: Rotational schedule working at least one Sunday per month during 1st or 2nd service.

Duties: Broadly speaking, assist church attendees as necessary, respond to various safety and security issues, contact and assist local law enforcement officials and other first respondents.

Experience: No experience necessary other than a willingness to help and serve others. However, individuals with first respondent experience/training (police, fire, EMT) are especially sought.

Age Requirement: Adults 21+