Wee Learners

Wee Learners (0-2 Year Olds)

One of the common misconceptions about our Wee Learners is when people refer to it as, "just babysitting". Even from a young age, children are learning about the world around them. That is why we encourage our teachers to teach the lesson we have prepared for them, even if they only have one child in their class. From the very start, we want to plant the seeds of God's love and truth into the hearts of our littlest ones.

The curriculum of this class is a modified "Bible In Life" toddler curriculum that focuses on teaching our Wee Learners the basics of the Bible while also giving them age-appropriate activities to help them understand the core values of the Bible. The stories are designed to be short and repetitive, and the activities are to keep them moving.

Our "big win" for this class is when our babies and toddles feel safe and loved.

What We're Learning About:

Our Wee Learners Staff look to create a loving and nurturing environment for our littlest attenders. Using a modified "Bible In Life" toddler curriculum, we strive for short, repetitive teaching that focuses on core Bible stories and activities designed to help our "under twos" understand the core values in the Bible. 

  • Fall Year 1: God Is With Us
  • Winter Year 1: Jesus Grew Up
  • Spring/Summer Year 1: God Gives Us...
  • Fall Year 2: Who is God?
  • Winter Year 2: Who is Jesus?
  • Spring Year 2: Jesus Gives Us...
  • Summer Year 2: God Made...